• Advice on Tax Management as either an individual or legal person, resident or non resident: Income Tax and Patrimony of individuals.
  • Advice and review on statement of accounts to give guidance regarding the accountancy and fiscal situation of the company.
  • Accountancy reports and arrangements to be done.
  • Reception of accounting documents (invoices, expenses and income and bank statements of the company).
  • Timely preparation of the corresponding accounts.
  • Contact with suppliers.
  • Management of Quarterly Taxes and Annual Summaries.
  • Instalments and Withholding Taxes.
  • Preparation of VAT books and other documents required by Treasury Office.
  • Processing of requests made by the AEAT, communications or notification letters received by the client.
  • Tax audits, appeals and claims.
  • Preparation and processing of official books and annual accounts.
  • Preparation and processing of Corporate Tax.
  • Assistance and advice in the process of notary deeds in relation to corporate transactions.
  • Assistance and advice in the process and tasks to be undertaken before Official Bodies such as Town Hall, Junta de Andalucía, Registry Office, etc.

P-60 Accountants

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    Centro Comercial Valdepinos
    29649 Mijas Costa, Málaga
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P-60 Accountants SL agrees to observe strict secrecy about the content, antecedents and consequences of its work against any person or entity, public or private, and commits not use such information without the expressed permission of the client, except in cases where the regulations provide otherwise.

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