• Liability / Management and coordination of recruitment.
  • Civil-Commercial / Constitutional.
  • Administrative Litigation / Criminal /Requirements.
  • Debt recovery / Unfair terms: floor clauses.
  • Consumer advice, especially against banks and insurance companies.


General Legal Advice in all matters concerning the CUSTOMER, either with Company, Community of Owners, EUC, personal, etc. Benefits that are detailed below include:

  • Regular and special enquiries relating to the legal environment in which the client operates.
  • Reporting and opinions, both verbally and in writing, with statement of history and legal dictums concerning all legal matters affecting the client
  • Attending Meetings, Boards, Assemblies, on which the client needs legal advice to its proper functioning.
  • Management collection of extrajudicial debts, comprising letters of complaint, or notes and notices to client’s debtors.
  • Drafting and review of contracts and other legal documents needed by the client in the development of their business.
  • Extrajudicial Procedures and Transactions.
  • Administrative Management Procedures before any government area, Local, Regional, Autonomic or National.
  • Advice on Consumer Rights and General Conditions of the Contract relating to the commercial / civil traffic in which the client can be involved, including written submissions and allegations to the relevant Agency Consumer Advocacy.

It will not be considered comprised in the regular salary, and it will be invoiced independently under the Rules of Minimum Fees from the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Malaga, the Technical Directorate of litigations, which substantiated in the Court House and Court in General, and any order, in which the client is a party, as plaintiff or as defendant, in which is mandatory the intervention of Solicitor.

For your attention:

  • To give guidance on the completion of a Property

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P-60 Accountants SL agrees to observe strict secrecy about the content, antecedents and consequences of its work against any person or entity, public or private, and commits not use such information without the expressed permission of the client, except in cases where the regulations provide otherwise.

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