Documents in relation with the community of owners:

  • Statutes. Regulations of internal rules.
  • “The master deed”, the declaration of ownership of individual units in a multiple-unit building.
  • List of owners with all the personal details and addresses and payment.
  • Maintenance contracts for garden and pools.
  • Cleaning contracts.
  • Supplies contracts (water, electricity).
  • Any other contract in force.
  • Community insurance.
  • Employees contracts.
  • Salary payments and Social Security payments for last 5 years.
  • List of employees.
  • List of debtors owners and full statement for these receipts.
  • All the claims done by the community.
  • All the legal procedure pending to resolve of the community.
  • List of expenses and incomes and also all the receipts for owners.
  • Invoices pending to pay.
  • Official Act Book.
  • NIF number.
  • Copy of the payments made to the Tax Office (forms 111-190) in case.
  • Any other relevant document for the community function.


A.- To look after the proper functioning of the property, its installations and services, advising and warning the tittles that violate the normal development within the norms of the neighbourhood.

B.- To attend the conservation and maintenance of the property, arranging the adequate means to realize the necessary repairs and adopting the urgent measures which are more suitable, informing immediately the President, and in its case, the General Board. The Administrator is not obliged to realize any other expense than the foreseen in the general budget, except the item earlier mentioned referring to the extraordinary repairs.

C.- To prepare with enough time and forwarding the board the expected expenses, proposing the necessary means to be able to pay them. Nevertheless, the Administrator is not obliged to satisfy any fix expense, extraordinary or of any other nature, in the case the funds of the Community of Homeowners are insufficient, and shall inform the President of the Community of this circumstance in writing, so that the necessary means to re-establish the treasury can be taken, convoking urgently the corresponding General Board. The administrator will open and close the accounts on the dates that the Members committee agrees. The president can control and check the account at any time. The administration office will prepare the receipts to collect the monthly fee (or when it is established by the committee members) from owners. The Administrator will assume the figure of Secretary too, and this will be the person who will be in charge of writing the Minutes and keep all the relevant documents for the Community. Prepare and send letters, reports and emails to inform the owners about any important community issue. To look for all the tax forms required by this Community of Owners. To prepare all these forms and tax declarations. To be informed about any claim to the Community insurance.

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